Young Foxy Edit

Young Foxy is a 5 year old baby fox that only ages with in real life time, he's extremely adorable and friendly. He likes hugs, petting and malk (milk). He looks just like Foxy but he is smaller and way cuter. He denies it when people call him fat and his excuse is "I'm just fluffy". Sometimes he gets into bad situations and end up getting mad, either summoning his dark soul Dusk Jr, or Dusk Jr possessing his body for more power, but it does weaken Young Foxy if he takes to much damage. He is one of the cute souls and is able to cast spells. Ever since he killed Kenny, he stole his Jacket, keeping Kenny dead. Young Foxy wears the jacket which makes him unable to die, well he can but he revives after a minute, but being unable to die takes away his luck badly.

Melody Edit

Melody is a baby fox who also ages with in real life time, she is as cute if not cuter than her father Young Foxy. She likes to eat a lot and doesn't mind about it, just like her dad she uses the same excuse that she is just fluffy. She has her own dark soul called Dawn, She barely uses it though as she avoids fights. Melody has both a love soul and a cute soul as well as her dark soul, meaning she can do a whole bunch of spells. Be-careful though, as when it comes to relationships, she is always unable to keep her love soul from taking control, making her seductive and takes things a little too far...

Samuel Edit

Samuel is Young Foxy's son and Melody's little brother, he also only ages with in real life time. He has a cute soul, a dark soul and a love soul which he can keep it from taking control unlike his sister. His dark soul Dan is not active at all! He can't talk yet and does not know his powers, he is more cuter than both his sister and father. He can also be called Sammy as a nickname

Dusk Edit

Dusk looks like Young Foxy but he has endo eyes and black fur. If he gets too angry he turns Young Foxy into a Drawkill, making him so much stronger and scarier. When Dusk is angry he goes to kill humans. Also randomly, in the place called the shadow realm (where he is from) he is actually 16 an not 5.

Dawn Edit

Dawn looks like Melody but has black fur and endo eyes. Dawn can also be pretty seductive.

Dan Edit

Dan we can only presume looks like Samuel but has black fur and endo eyes, probably being able to walk and talk.