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Description Edit

Not much is known about Vohima apart from his lack of tolerance or mercy to the people who deserve it in his eyes. Vohima has earned the reputation of a vigilante and is usually seen as worthy of power of gods. However just because you fit in and are accepted by all doesn't mean that Vohima will dislike you or feel any negative or malicious actions are necessary; they will just be indifferent to you and glad you found a place in the world. You only have to worry if you exclude.

Vohima isn't seen much by most people, and the ones he attacks aren't exactly going to be well enough to tell of his appearance. However reports from people who have seen him agree that he is excessively tall and slouched over, carrying a large, heavy weapon on his back. He is also very pale and large yet thin enough that his ribcage clearly shows through his skin. Vohima also has patchy black hair, deep dark eyes and bandages covering his mouth and nose. Some of his body is wrapped in rags and bandages which act as his clothing.

Backstory Edit

 Not enough is known to be written down, some say his tale and stories are lost to the ages as legends, while others say it is just beginning.

 Not enough is known to be written down. Some say that his tales and stories are lost to the ages as legends; while others say it is only beginning.

Relations Edit

 It wouldn't be fair to say that Vohima has no family, loved ones or acquaintances; because we simply don't know.

Friends Edit

  • Those who aren't accepted.

Family Edit

  • Unknown

Romantic Interests Edit

  • Unknown

Acquaintances Edit

  • Unknown

Enemies Edit

  • Excluders
  • Discriminatiors