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Harbingers of plague and disease, eh? Must've been on an acid trip in 1348. That was unnecessary.

Victori and Victora are inseparable from each other, they will always be at each other's sides and never argue. They're supposedly the ultimate tag team and can't be beaten with less than three people.

They can be beaten of course, and are accepting of their rare defeats. Enough so that the reward for winning is becoming immune to diseases for a century, and all current ones will be cured even after the effects (for genetic diseases such as diabetes, but not physical damage to the body).

Victori and Victora usually wear long black coats to hide their weapons of choice, wide brimmed hats and perfectly intact silver plague doctor masks. Victori tends to preferably fight with a walking cane which can be extended and used as a spear/quarterstaff. Meanwhile Victora tends to enlarge the head of their cane so that it can act as either a mace or a weightstone for swinging the cane.

Backstory Edit

Victori and Victora are commonly told to be figures of legend, or just a fairytale told to children. But this is obviously not true. They appear when the moon is up and the sky is dark and disappear to who knows where in the morning time.

Not much else is really known about these two characters; they tend to keep to themselves. Despite their reclusive nature they will gladly become hospitable and offer you a cup of tea because you clearly made an effort to find them. Well, if you're willing to drink the tea that is.

Legends say that they live in a cottage in the middle of the woods, or under the floorboards of an abandoned and forgotten mansion. While others say that they vanish into thin air and simply materialise when needed.

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  •  Victora // Victori

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