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Veronica has glazed over, glass-like white eyes that gives people chills when she looks at someone. She also has silver-grey hair and wears sky blue clothes.

Veronica always acts a little distant and distracted like she's in two conversations at once or listening to music rather than the speaker. Apart from that she tries to be rather friendly and listen as hard as she can.

Backstory Edit

After a wild night of drinking and laughing with her friends Veronica blacked out and woke up on a deserted island with a few abandoned huts and gear. She used this to survive for an entire five months before she was finally noticed and rescued but not without a cost; her mind slowly degraded from the lack of socialisation.

During her time on the island Veronica started hearing voices of a small group of people discussing among one another. Three of which in particular stood out to her, talking about the past and future of important individuals throughout the world. These three believed to be the most important and active of the group.

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  • The Voices

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Divine Eavesdropping - Veronica can and will drop in on any information she can get from the voices, sometimes blatantly just being given it. She can use this to learn about strengths and weaknesses, or to learn what will happen next.

Prayer - Veronica can pray to the voices she hears and beg for help in combat or whatever she's attempting.

Strengths Edit

Memory - Veronica can remember things really easily since her mental capacity began to return whether it's the voices' words, other fighting styles or people's names and faces. Regardless of what she is more likely to remember what she needs to.

Divine Reversal - Veronica can beg for the voices to change a small thing that just happened. If they agree, whatever happened will simply change to her benefit.

Primal Instincts - Her five months on the island helped Veronica learn to react quickly to being attacked and when the right time to strike is.

Weaknesses Edit

Acknowledgment of Defeat - If Veronica knows that the voices won't help her to win or if she's destined to fail then she'll simply give up and allow fate to take it's toll.

Existential Crisis - Veronica may get angry at the voices and attack herself to get back at them if they allow bad things to happen.