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Description Edit

Now I know what you're asking, why red? Does it symbolise the death and destruction of her legion? Does it symbolise blood? Nah, she just really likes red. As in, REALLY likes the colour Red. Albeit she is also fond of destruction and causing chaos with her armies. It's fun! The rush of power and strength coursing through one's veins and the feeling of pure invincibility when the gods struggle against you is enough to drive anyone mad; as it seemingly did for her. She can give mercy, of course. But only when you're able to give her what she wants without too much trouble.

(Warning: If you don't like red then you really shouldn't be reading this page. Because there's even more coming.)

Are you red-y? So, the Red Queen has peachy skin with red hair and red eyes. She wears a golden (thank the gods) tiara with a red (of course) gem in the middle. Her clothes are an informal leather military uniform coloured red with golden details. She also has large yet dull red wings and a red streak down her face. Also, you just red this. I'm sorry I had to get that one in.

Backstory Edit

Usually becoming an egotistical megalomaniac is a BAD thing, and the Red Queen is obviously no exception. She used her way with words to convince powerful beings and incredulously talented individuals to assist her in her plan to rule over everything.

Megalomania aside, the Red Queen decided to abandon her identity a long time ago, forcefully destroying any evidence she ever existed from school files and police files, to every last picture she could be recognised in.

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  • Kikri


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  • None

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  • Her Legion

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  • The Dralkionic