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Backstory Edit

Tadau hails originally from a winter region called Clydewood, Where it snows year round, All of the citizens like him are either hardy or extremely furred to make up for the cold of the area. Tadau lives a normal life, he is a traveler at heart, exploring different areas to his content, However his fur can be a problem in warmer areas.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Tadau has a light pink double layered coat with some purple accents on his paws and belly, He stands upright as his species does, Considered more anthro than their counterparts, the Hollequets.

Description Edit

He seems pretty nice in personality, more kind and welcoming than the rest of them who live in the region. When he wears clothes in only in colder regions for extra warmth, as he doesn't care about style.

Powers Edit

Strengths Edit

Cold resistance, Extra strength compared to a human, thick fur to prevent some damage.

Weaknesses Edit

Easy to take advantage of, Gets hot easily with the fur, Shedding can get out of hand, And he's not as fast due to his weight.

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