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Ryo normally goes around earth in the appearance of a human being. In this form she has very dark, soft skin, and a rather curvy body (she looks perfect in bikinis, right Zaotl?). She has a gentle looking face, with soft features, with her bright blue hair falling in curls around her face, and cascading down her back like a waterfall. Her eyes are round and bright blue, contrasting massively with the colour of her skin.

She can, like all other gods in the Vangosian pantheon, change to look like the natives of any planet she visits. And, being the goddess of water, Ryo can change into any creature that lives in water, such as fish, octopi, mermaids, and so on. So, her appearance changes depending on where she is. On Earth, she mostly stays in her human form however. It's just easier for her.

However, in the Vangosian pantheon it is the belief (and truth) that the gods embody what they are gods of. Not as powerfully as the Embodiments, but they are literally what they are gods of. When they become a god, they become what they are god of. So for Ryo, that is Water. She is every bit of water on Earth and beyond. How it feels? You'd have to ask her, but what Ryo really looks like? That would be just any water. She prefers to think of beautiful beaches, and quiet lakes in forests. That's what she looks like.

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Ryo is a genuinely happy person. She's kind and considerate, and tries her best to work things out to keep a balance, although she doesn't know what this balance is (Only a few know, like the Children of Chaos). She tries to make everyone happy, even though she doesn't know how. She doesn't tend to get angry, she's a very tranquil being. Sure, sometimes the sea is stormy, but that comes with the weather. If Ryo held Cenira back, she could get more mad, and worse things could happen. Some storms and hurricanes are fine, to keep the balance right.

When Ryo does get angry, you better get a strong boat, or very high land. She causes the ocean to lift, waters pouring from the heavens even though it seemed to as though water shouldn't be there. The waters rage and crash like a 5 year old on a drum kit with anger issues. That is, violently and painfully. Have you ever read the story of Noah's ark? Well, that was the last time Ryo and Cenira got very angry at the same time. The world floaded, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

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