Rowana is the youngest child of the Trickster God Loki, and as a result is the Goddess of Tricks and Deceptions. While her father covers trickery in major events, she herself tends to cover the rest of all trickery, particularly with mortals such as Humans.

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Rowana is a keen shapeshifter and hides in unknown forms to play with and tease others. Her true self is hidden only for her loved ones to see. Her outfits depend on the person she is being, as she likes suiting the character she creates well.

In her most common form, Rowana has deep green eyes with long black hair to her waist, she has dimples when she smiles and has soft freckles upon her cheeks. She also has a curvy figure, with white skin.

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Rowana is the daughter of Loki and one of his maids, who they soon fell in love with each other for unknown reasons. It is unknown who her mother was, but it is known that he taught her magic in the case of a war. Soon after Rowana's birth, her mother supposedly died in battle, and she was raised all alone by her father.

To be continued.

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  • Loki (Father)
  • Fenrir (Brother)
  • Hel (Sister)

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