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Description Edit

Raura La Croix has the look of a person who's seen it all. She has shining silver eyes and shoulder-length grey hair. She also wears dull blue-grey clothes and a similarly coloured beanie which contrasts against her wonderful dark skin.

Backstory Edit

Raura had never been happy. Well, happy enough. Even from a very young age they never felt quite right; as though something was missing from them. They've found reminiscing on memories of days past helped them to feel better. Although her own memories are limited (as most of them are her reminiscing on other people's) so she did what any sensible person would do; steal the happiest memories of others for a few days of happiness.

Relations Edit

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  • None

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  • None

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  • None

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  • None

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  • None

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Abilities Edit

Mental Compulsion - Raura has the ability to manipulate minds to make them act in a certain way, seemingly through their own impulse.

Cosmic Transportation - Raura learned how to traverse through the Lake of Dreams to get where she wants to by using the memories she gathers, however this takes a toll on her so she tends to avoid using it.

Existential Manipulation - Raura can make her physical body seemingly fade out of existence to avoid being caught or seen, this is harder to do the more frightened she is.

Supernatural Speed - Raura can move immensely faster than what is naturally possible.


Strengths Edit

Stealth - Raura has the uncanny ability to be hard to find in any situation, and won't even stand out against a sheet of white paper. Only people who have heightened sight, or just look really hard, can find her if she doesn't want to be seen.

Apathy - Can be an advantage or a disadvantage; Raura doesn't care about many things, in fact rarely anything can make her feel. So once she's fighting she won't show any mercy to whoever she's hurting. This is negated once she's reminisced on a memory and regained a slight bit of feeling.


Weaknesses Edit

Apathy - Again, because Raura doesn't feel anything she won't try to do what's necessary to help anyone. For example, she would willingly lunge into an attack without caring if she gets hurt which could lead to her downfall.

Remembrance - Raura would do anything to get the memories that she stole back, and will also do anything to get more, like an addiction. Meaning she isn't loyal and will swap sides in a heartbeat. This can be manipulated by the false promise of memories. Particularly ones involving puppies or happy memories.

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