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Quiver is a tall, skinny man who isn't often seen outside of his very non-revealing clothes. Whenever he is seen, his irises are white (or very light grey depending on the light) and his hair is long, straight and black. Quiver often wears a combat putfit made from leather straps,cloth and chainmail all interwoven tightly for easy mobility.

Although he doesn't like to admit it, Quiver likes to show off whenever he can and enjoys praise very much. However, when he's in a serious mood he is focused on what he is set on and can be a brick wall to talk to if it is not beneficial to him. Otherwise, he's considered loud, abrasive and doesnt consider his words before he says them.


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After moving to Britain from France and then straight to the United States after getting 6 GCSEs, Quiver found a living working as a hitman for a local gang. Although never actually killing anyone, he would threaten, intimidate and injure people to make a living.

One day he was given a request to brutally attack someone with hired muscle. Normally this wouldn't be a problem for Quiver, but he encountered Bulwark, an invincible wall of a bodyguard. It was him who helped Quiver find a more reputable line of work with him by acting as a long-range reconnaissance and an extra hand with Bulwark. Together they make a near-indestructible team


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Magical Bow Construction - Quiver can create a magical bow and arrow quiver from thin air that allows him to fire arrows and use a variety of magical effects. He can create up to 20 arrows at a time before having to create more and can have up to one bow at a time (if he creates a bow while another exists, it will simply disappear). The bow and arrows are made from elaborately carved wood infused with magical fabrics and metals; and the quiver is made from thick, leathery fabrics and string. To anyone else, it is just a flimsy and difficult bow to use, but it is much more efficient in the hands of Quiver.

Bow Proficiency - Quiver has an incredible aptitude for the ways of bow and arrow, being able to launch multiple arrows with one shot, reloading the weapon rapidly and efficiently, etc.

Spellcasting - Quiver can cast spells using his bow and arrows, most of which only taking effects once the arrow is fired and hits its target.

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