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Backstory Edit

Myth was created at the beginning of the first universe by her father, Cyrinth. She was made after another being, who was forgotten and thrown into the Demon Realm. Her brother went by the name Demigra, the god of the Demon Realm. She was created as an Embodiment, an experiment by her father. She was the only Embodiment to be made as she was, made from components, other beings, bits and pieces. Demigra was the first god to be made, although when Myth was created he was jealous of her power as an Embodiment and he was cast away, and everyone's memory of him was wiped by Cyrinth.

Myth continued to grow in a completely care-free universe, helping her father and learning about creation. She was never told about being an Embodiment, she believed herself to be a goddess, and that is what everyone else believed her to be.

She grew up with her father, and her best friend Th'Gil. When she was old enough she got married to the Embodiment of Honour, Aksel. They loved each other, and became each other's Emmirs. This lasted a long time, and they were truly happy. They had a son who they named Samiel. He was the first and only Embodiment to be born as a child rather than appearing or being created as Myth or Irilth were.

After a while, there was an uprising of Primalians, protesting against Cyrinth's rule over the universe.


Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Myth is about 5'7" tall normally. She can become a lot taller if she wishes (thanks to perks of becoming a goddess). Her long, pale green hair settles in waves down her back. Her gold eyes shine from their sockets. Her face is delicate and pale, the years of hardship showing through her face, although she hides it very well. Her large, black angel wings drag along the ground where she walks.

Personality Edit

Myth was a very kind and caring person. She would have done anything for those she really cares about. With the Darkness in her though, she is a very different person. For the most part she acted kind and caring, but really, she seeks for the universe to be covered in death and destruction. She only wishes for her own advancement, to become more powerful than anything. The Darkness can only be removed through extreme measures and must be placed into someone else, or the balances of the Universe would be unsettled.

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