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Monica Parry is a 6'2" teenager with shaved hair dyed red (so that it's stubble) and deep brown eyes. She has many piercings scattered across her body and generally has a lazy grunge aesthetic to her clothes.

Despite how she looks, Monica isn't much of a danger to anyone unless they piss her off. Most of the time she would rather be alone or with someone she knows well, but when she's in a sociable mood she's easy to talk to.K Kind of like a punk big sister that'd pick on you but literally beat someone up if they did it


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Monica was born in Wales where she lived with her father and her two brothers. After an incident where she accidentally melted a person's watch to their wrist during a fight, Monica was transferred to a special detention centre in New Ireland among others like her to help her control her powers.


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  • Father (Unnamed)
  • Two brothers (Unnamed)

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Molten Metal Manipulation - Monica is able to manipulate metal in a unique way that involves keeping it heated and in a fluid state.

Heat Infusion - Monica can infuse metal objects with hheat to the point where they will instantly turn into molten liquid. She is also able to cool metal, but she cannot do anything with the heat as it simply appears to disappear.

Heat Resistance - Monica is able to survive under extreme temperatures, and is immune to molten metal.

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