Here are Masked Grace's Characters

Grace Edit

Grace is a shy,smart, girl she is a famous violinist, Grace likes classical music but since she's been living with a guy who plays the guitar (Steve), she is staring to enjoy pop music Speaking of a Steve She's dating him, Grace's favourite artist is Mozart, her favourite band tho is Simple Plain, She has a pet Raven named "Lady of the Night" since she usually plays,pets,and speaks to it at night time, Grace's Full name is "Grace Hamelton", she also has three siblings, Dante,Lilac, and Araia, her parents are "Jenny Hamelton" and "Jerry McReed".


But she was left alone in a Box until Slenderman found her and made her his proxy for 7 years, After that, Grace started to learn the violin, it filled her with joy, a guy found her and made her a famous Violinist,she soon met Zack who she thought was the one, but he soon made her loose her job,lost her apartment, and Became broke after he stole all her money, She then went to live in the forest again *After a few years later* she met Steve, he let her live with him, But soon After, they fell in love, after that, they had Courtney but Grace soon shot herself (drama)

Kia Edit

Kia is a leader of a group, she's known to use spears,bows, and special type of swords, Kia knows many types of swords moves, can hunt perfectly, and she can play a harp, and knows her way around the woods Plus she can know what animals are saying.


Kia was raised by animals, after her father, Leoina, left her, Kia soon learned English by a group of people who thought she was the one, She then had to fight the beast, she won but had countless wounds,after 5 years she was crowned the leader, *skipping when she was 16* Kia falls In love quickly, so one day she met a guy named Henry but he soon found someone else, this broke Kia's heart, saying that she'll never love again, after some time she met stalker fell in love had a child named Fi (blah blah blah)

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