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Lyras wasn't always the god of the Cursed. Before he was, he was part of a far more powerful being. The Embodiment of Life. The other parts of this being were Jynira (goddess of the Gifted) and Vijaya (god of Mortals). Joined, these three made up Life. However, the opposing forces drove Life apart, into three separate beings.

Since this happened before civilization on Earth and when the universe was still young, the Embodiment of Life had no name. It was just, Life. However, when it split apart, it formed Lyras, Vijaya and Jynira. The three forms of life.

Lyras became the god of the Cursed, the god of those who have no control over the powers they possess. They tend to be the strongest to begin with, being as powerful as a god from a young age. However, their powers don't increase much, or at all as they get older as they can't control or practice their powers.

Because of this, Lyras is seen as the second strongest out of the three, Jynira being the strongest and Vijaya being the weakest.

Because of their opposing powers, Lyras and Jynira are enemies to the highest extent, with Vijaya being the middle ground and too weak to bother fighting with. However, if they hurt each other, they hurt themselves. This means that no matter how much they hate each other they cannot physically hurt each other without causing the same damage to themselves.

Now, Lyras and his counterparts spend their time watching over their chosen ones and trying to hurt the others.

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Lyras keeps completely covered in a cloak, all of his body completely hidden by a dark, thick fabric. His face is constantly covered by darkness from the hood of the cloak.

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