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Luna was born to the King and Queen of Ravencliffs, a large Elven city located in a ravine in a large forest.

Luna grew up in a palace and was taught to be a princess, but in what little parent-free time she had, she spent it practicing her swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat skills, feeling that one day these skills would come in useful.

As a young child (10-25 years old), Luna became friends with a boy called Alethion, who was the prince of another city who lived in Ravencliffs to be tutored.

Luna and Alethion were friends for years as they trained together and learned together. They became very close as the years went by, before Alethion's father died when Luna and Alethion were 57, causing Alethion to go back to his city and become king before his time. This left Luna alone, without any other friends, besides her raven (Melody) and her unicorn (Harmony).

For the next several years, Luna continued to study under the close watch of her aunts. However, they were both executed for falling in love with people they shouldn't have.

Which brings us to modern day. Luna became a General in the army of Ravencliffs, much to her father's disapproval, Raevir would much rather Luna be a quiet, indoors type, than a warrior. She also, being the princess, was learning to be a priestess to the gods. She did enjoy this, as traditions were important to her and her family, but she would have much preferred going out and being in the midst of her people or on the battlefield with her soldiers.

One day, when Luna was 111, she came across a rather unique human outside the city on a patrol. After deciding not to kill this man, she brought him into the city to be judged by Raevir. Thanks to the input of Helena, the man wasn't killed, and was allowed to stay in the city. He was an artist, named Andreamedeo, who found the city and wanted to paint it.


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