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Description Edit

Losta is 5'6" tall and constantly wears dark, grungy clothes. Not because she likes it, but moreso to keep her hidden and unnoticed. She has choppy strawberry blonde hair and her face is lightly dotted with freckles with apple green eyes which prominently stand out from the rest of her.

Backstory Edit

Losta has been reared to be a thief from the day she was old enough to follow basic instructions. She would go into crowded towns and citys and nick whatever she could before selling it at a pawn shop for whatever price she could. As a result of this she has learned to barter and usually don't return home for a few days. Before long, her parents demanded more and more from her and soon not allowing her to come back home. They sleep on rooftops and eat at whatever places have the cheapest food and sales available.

Losta also has an unpracticed talent for creating portals, however since she only uses it to get out of the rare odd situation she hasn't taken the time to train and perfect it. Because of this they cannot go through more than two in succession without needing to have a rest and she can only open them to places which she can see, point directly to or are extremely familiar with.

Relations Edit

Family Edit

  • None

Friends Edit

  • Aya

Romantic Interests Edit

  • Raven

Acquaintances Edit

  • None

Enemies Edit

  • Lyras

Fighting Style Edit

Losta, like most other people, will only fight when necessary. She tries to be fast and tactical, often leading people into traps or rendering them unable to fight back.


Abilities Edit

Dimensiokinesis - Losta can create, shape and manipulate portals, allowing them control portal size, location/destination, etc. And yes, I had to Google the name.


Strengths Edit

High Stamina - Losta has a lot of stamina from never being able to stay in the one place and moving a lot.

High Maneuverability - Losta can use her portals to easily get around her opponent, as well as use her high dexterity to move around quickly.

Sleight of Hand - Losta can quickly perform small actions without anyone noticing (such as steal something small without being noticed).


Weaknesses Edit

Slight Malnutrition - Losta doesn't have much energy and once she's down and tired, she's hardly going to get up again.

Portal Limitations - When anything goes through a portal (not open or close it) it weakens Losta, and how much depends on how large it is and whether it is living or not.

Get It Done - Losta will do something until it near kills her just to make sure it's done. This often leads to moments where she will hurt herself while fighting.

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