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Lix is a small goddess, standing at 5'2" tall. She has bright blonde hair that flows in the wind and eyes that mimic the very same hue. Her light freckles scattered across her face change over the day to take the place of the stars above her. She wears a long, loose vest that can double as a dress with its length and ripped up, bleached jeans.

Lix tries her best to stay happy and smile no matter what, even when she's on the brink of tears. She has a particular attachment to her colourful sister, Calna and will often have wild mood swings without her, almost always in a negative light. She also has a fear of her mother, prominently due to the constant yelling she receives and the unusual punishment she gets if she doesn't do her job well enough.


Backstory Edit

Much like her brother, Nacht, Lix was seen as potentially very powerful and was put under strict supervision by her mother, Anathea. Her personality and mental state was twisted and warped. Anathea saw fit to try and dispose of her many times by sending her plummeting into black holes and wormholes, however, this failed with every attempt.


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Family Edit

  • Anathea (Mother)
  • Calna (Sister)
  • Zaotl (Sister)
  • Kalif (Brother)
  • Osmar (Brother)

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Fighting Style Edit

Abilities Edit

Photokinesis - Lix has the ability to bend, move and change any light at will.

Astrophysics - Lix can manipulate space (the big black thing that appears outside at nighttime) and stars to her advantage.

Astrophysiology - Lix can draw power from the stars she can see as a power source, an amplifier or, grant herself abilities based on the constellations of Dralkion.


Strengths Edit

Light Source - Lix can always see, at least a little, no matter what circumstances she may be in.

Blinding Guidance - Lix can force her enemies to be unable to see, as well as supply any allies with the same effects as "Light Source"

Dusk & Dawn - Lix is stronger against the magic drawn from Dralkion's second sun and can even deflect them back.


Weaknesses Edit

Voidfaller - In any instance that Lix can't utilise light in a proper way (such as near a black hole or in a void) Lix will be rendered powerless until she can use them again; she may even fall unconscious if left long enough.

Dusk & Dawn II - Lix is weaker to the magic that's drawn from Dralkion's second moon and these may stick to her as a residue and eat away at her.