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Description Edit

JoJa is a short Dwarf-Elf hybrid from a mountain island off the coast of Greece. She's 2'8" and has dirty blonde hair cut short at the and deep blue eyes. Due to her excess energy she exercises a lot, making her rather muscular despite her small stature.

JoJa gets mad very easily, and often exerts that anger in various ways (such as exerting more energy than normal, being loud, or just straight up attacking and breaking things). She finds it difficult to trust people and doesn't have a lot of self confidence at times but is very good at hiding it, as she appears to do the exact opposite.


Backstory Edit

JoJa was young when she was returned to her mother Eva, and she does not remember much of what happened as a child. She quickly learned, however, that her mother did not care much for her unless she was being useful. Growing up, JoJa went out more and more which led to rebellious behaviour. Eventually she was caught by the police after vandilising buildings nearby where a patrol car was stationed. As a result, she was found guilty and sent to a school to develop powers instead of a regular prison.


Relations Edit

Family Edit

  • Eva (Mother)

Friends Edit

  • Aya

Romantic Interests Edit

  • None

Acquaintances Edit

  • None

Enemies Edit

  • None


Fighting Style Edit

Abilities Edit

Pyrokinesis - JoJa can generate not quite fire, but something very similar to it within her own body, and promptly release it at will.

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