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Description Edit

JoJa is an unnaturally short Dwarf from a mountain unbeknownst to most existing. As of now, it's not really confirmed what gender JoJa is. They're 2'8" and have dirty blonde hair with overly blue eyes. Most of their features are incredulously thin and fragile due to intense malnutrition.

JoJa would tend to become somewhat trusting remarkably quickly, even if that person had just done them wrong. Forgiving is something JoJa tends to do and if they can't forgive it easily they'll blame themselves to make it less harsh on the wrongdoer. Their challenge is to let go; once they are attached to something (or more likely someone) they will fight tooth and nail to make sure not a scratch comes their way.


Backstory Edit

JoJa started their life in Eva's care, before she eventually drove herself mad in a desperate attempt to forget her memories and as a result, lost JoJa as an infant. Eventually, JoJa was noticed by Gol'n and was treated as a potential threat to the safety of their area because of the unnatural and destructive powers they wield; this lead to Gol'n, among others, to attempt to break JoJa down until they were submissive to the government's orders.


Relations Edit

Family Edit

  • Eva (Mother)

Friends Edit

  • Quanzay
  • Vako
  • Aya

Romantic Interests Edit

  • None

Acquaintances Edit

  • None

Enemies Edit

  • None


Fighting Style Edit

JoJa tends to avoid fighting absolutely if possible, however will fight under specific circumstances. They take their time while fighting and try to deliver the hardest blows they can to get it over and done with.


Abilities Edit

Pyrokinesis - Can manipulate and generate fire at will without much trouble. However they are always warm and will melt exceptionallly cold things near them (such as ice or snow, and ay heat up liquids if they're cold enough).

Limited Umbrakinesis - Can manipulate shadows very weakly, usually only capable to form around their body and be used for extra force in a punch or a kick.

Illusions - Can create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are.


Strengths Edit

Immunity to Fire - JoJa can not be damaged by fire, yet can be hurt by really hot items (such as branding irons, or just a really defective toaster).

Small Figure - It's somewhat a bit harder to hit JoJa because they're so tiny, and can fit in or through places larger people cannot.


Weaknesses Edit

General Weakness - JoJa definitely does NOT hit the gym that often, and are pretty weak in general leaving them unable to land a punch properly without physical or mystical assistance.

Fear - Inexperienced in fighting, and by a troubled childhood, JoJa may be unwilling or afraid to do things critical to fighting.

Low Stamina - JoJa can't do many things for long without getting extremely tired, making their dodging and general actions wear them out really quickly.