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Jesse Normal is an average person, good grades, average looks, secure jobs, pretty normal. Her hair is a short, chestnut brown and her eyes are aquamarine. She rarely goes out in anything informal and prefers to wear specially fitted suits.

Jesse is usually in a cheery mood and somehow always shows very little fear at the scariest of things. Her confidence is infectious and is very persuasive when she talks.


Backstory Edit

Jesse Normal reporting in! Which is to say, she's a reporter and a grand one at that. Jesse is renowned for her bravery and willing to get close up footage of both heroes and villains in the most dangerous of places.


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Friends Edit

  • A few heroes
  • A few villains

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  • -

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  • -

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  • -

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  • -


Fighting Style Edit

Abilities Edit

Basic Human - Jesse has no real abilities to speak of, just a lot of tricks up her sleeve and a sharp suit.


Strengths Edit

Charismatic - Jesse can do a lot with her voice; such as inspire, threaten or pacify. She can read the air and her recipients in order to get the results she wants. To an extent, of course.

Sneaky Beaky - Jesse can get around very easily without going noticed in regards to all senses.

Valiant - Jesse will take any opportunities she can to get what she wants and isn't afraid to take the risks.


Weaknesses Edit

Human Fragility - Living in a world where people can control immense power and break concrete with their skulls being a normal human is dangerous. Mainly because of the falling buildings and excessive explosions.

Powerless - Jesse has no direct line of defence and is weak to literally everything.

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