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Description Edit

Hawuna is the Goddess of Hunting, Woodlands and Satiety. She tends to always be out hunting things in non-lethal ways and releasing them so she can train her abilities, instincts and reflexes. She also goes out of her way to protect people travelling through the woodlands by stopping any animals that may come across them. However she can be very malicious if someone annoys her or acts malicious first, she also enjoys watching fights between people.

Hawuna has dark brown skin and wavy black hair. She also wears dull brown clothes that seem to mold to her body. She also utilises a wide variety of gadgets primarily for her hunting and tracking which she makes in her spare time with whatever she can find. 

Backstory Edit

Before Anathea had children of her own, she always wanted someone to gaze at the stars with and Hawuna was the person to offer their time first. They both found that the best place to watch them was atop a tall tree in the middle of the woods because it was quiet and clear. Hawuna fell in love with the forest and challenged themselves to be the best there was and rule the forests without bloodshed.

Relations Edit

Friends Edit

  • Anathea

Family Edit

  • Panamea (Father)

Romantic Interests Edit

  • None

Acquaintances Edit

  • Zara

Enemies Edit

  • None