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Hades is 6'2" tall with lightly tanned skin and short, neatly kept stubble across his face. He also has deep brown eyes and a deep voice. Hades also most often wears sharp suits and other professional attire.

Hades is no stranger to social situations, and can easily strike up a pleasant conversation with most people he comes across. He tends to be suspiciously trustworthy and very convincing when speaking. If he offers a deal, you may be tempted to take it when you usually wouldn't be.


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Hades supposedly had a rather average life. He grew up in an upper-middle class family, worked hard and went to university to get an education, inherited a large sum of money when both of his parents passed away, and started PLUTO, the most successful international trading company in recent years. Supposedly.

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Uncertainty Manipulation - Hades can manipulate the uncertain/unknown, manipulating everything that lies beyond perception or understanding. In short, what cannot be perceived or the understandable at a given moment can be anything they choose.

Living Anomaly - Hades is a living anomaly, an enigmatic being that exists within a system while escaping its rules.

Contract Bestowal - Hades can give a person a power, an object of power or change nearly any event within their power, in exchange for anything from a contracted client be it their powers, emotions, memory, soul or event in their past or future.

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