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Backstory Edit

Evie was a mistake. She was told that many times. Everyone knew that she was not meant to be born, yet here she was. Her parents were sworn enemies, Elves and Faeries (Elves are the only race the Faerie kind look down on more than Humans). Her mother was an elvish princesses, cousin to the heir of the Throne of Ravencliffs, her father was a pisky, who was the Leader of a group of forest faerie. Evie's mother got the death sentence for having her, her father was forced to step down from his position, but still looked after Evie, until she was 5 years old (20 Human years), when a human set fire to the forest and killed him.

So Evie grew up alone, with only two people who let her hang around them, two other faerie who were revolutionists and wanted the feud between the Elves and the Faerie fixed.

When Evie was 20, she was sitting in the human world, at the edge of a field with a faerie tree in it, when a trickster came along and burnt down the tree in an attempt to make a joke at Evie. In result, Evie got banned completely from the Faerie world. She decided to stay with the Trickster, Collin, and together they headed to Ravencliffs, hoping that Evie would be allowed to stay there.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Evie is usually about size of a daisy, but since she got kicked out of the faerie world, she had to grow to be human sized. She is shorter than average, being only 5ft tall. She is about average weight for that height. She looks rather different than the average Cornish Pisky (who normally have curly ginger hair, freckles and bright green eyes), having long black hair, no freckles at all, and hazel eyes. She normally wears a green or white dress (as the faerie traditionally wear) with green boots. She has clear, rounded fairy wings with silver detailed patterns through them, when she isn't pretending to pass as a human.

Personality Edit

Evie, naturally, has a love for nature and all animals, big and small. She's really gentle and has an amazing sense of humour (that's the pisky side of her), but can be deadly serious when she needs to be, and has quite a temper. She doesn't know how to use a lot of mortal things, and isn't at all used to their food, so this annoys her a lot.

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