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Description Edit

Eva stands at 5'0" and usually dresses casually when she's anywhere but 12thSMU. She has long, deep brown hair with ginger streaks through it and eyes the colour of cinnamon. She also always tries to keep a smile on her face and work even after the point when she's all burnt out.

Backstory Edit

Life isn't easy, Eva knows that all too well. After founding the 12th Segment Mythic University (12thSMU) her work just kept piling up, constantly driving her to break down. She tried to keep her copious amounts of work in order and did a damn fine job of it for a long time. But it eventually became too much for her to handle; and as a result of which she left with Quanzay when she had the chance.

Eva has also attempted throughout her life to wipe her memories and fill in the blanks and after having her firstborn, JoJa, she succeeded. After that instance all she knew was her work with no memory of her childhood, her lost lover, or her own child.

Relations Edit

Family Edit

  • JoJa (Child)

Friends Edit

  • None

Romantic Interests Edit

  • Quanzay

Acquaintances Edit

  • None

Enemies Edit

  • The majority of staff at 12thSMU

Fighting Style Edit

Eva has trained herself in many kinds of magic, and is usually eager to try them out in an actual combat situation.


Abilities Edit

Magic - Eva trained for years to perfectly hone her abilities in many varieties of magical arts.


Strengths Edit

Toughness - Being a Dwarf and well fed, Eva developed a resistance to most blunt impacts over the years.

Magical Resilience - After many, many failed attempts at spells Eva managed to become resistant and even immune to some magic.

Intelligence - Eva is able to cast and perform magical feats quicker than most due to her memory and practice.

Honed Abilities - After practicing for a long time, Eva has honed her skills to allow for more precise and deadly magic.

Power of Imagination - Eva isn't bound by rules or specific spells and can cast whatever her mind conjures up with some time.


Weaknesses Edit

Charge-up Time - Eva has to take a moment to either say incantations, move her body, or draw a rune to cast more intricate spells which would leave her vulnerable to be hit and potentially interupt her spell.

Weaker Muscles - Eva isn't as strong or broad as other Dwarves, which leave her body to be easily cut.

Catalyst - Eva currently has to use her staff or another catalyst to cast spells without getting hurt, as the magic going through her can be too much to handle.

Smarts Over Arts - Eva isn't that creaive when it comes to spellcasting, and can't think of many original spell ideas so she sticks to what she knows, making her spells effective to a lesser degree.