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Don looks like the average gritty Hunter, unkempt brown hair, deep brown eyes, rough stubble and usually wears a dirty jacket with ripped jeans and a t-shirt because they're comfy in the hard times against supernatural entities; clearly preferring function over form.

Despite the dark nature of Don's way of life, he always seems to have an upbeat attitude and enjoys talking to people, even if he has nothing to say.


Backstory Edit

Don was introduced to the hunting scene at a very young age by his parents, and was taught essential survival and combat skills for years. His parents eventually perished during the job as expected and he was left alone to travel the world on his own with only some notebooks and  whatever he could get his hands on. He left his sister behind with remaining family members that were unaware of his parents' work.


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  • Krista Ireland

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Fighting Style Edit

Abilities Edit

Powerless - Don has no powers to speak of, which can leave him vulnerable against most powers.


Strengths Edit

Honed Senses - Don has increased senses he can use to his advantage.

Combat Training - Having got into a lot of fights with both people and monsters alike, Don knows pivotal tactics and techniques in combat against most anything.

On Guard - Don cannot be caught off guard due to his awareness of the unpredictability of monsters and his paranoia.


Weaknesses Edit

Equipment - Don has a wide range of equipment he can use in a ragged duffel bag, but this can be easily snatches or destroyed whilst fighting.

Unawareness - Don doesn't know things he hadn't come across before, obviously, and won't know any techniques or tactics about them.

Pitiful - Don isn't a heartless person, and will likely let go of anything that seems harmless or especially scared of death.