Death is a character from Withered Death (obviously). She is quiet, but really kind and caring. She also loves to cheer up friends, due to her undying, seemingly depressed state of mind. She loves her friends, and often times will sacrifice a lot for them. She has a deadly side, but hardly ever uses it. That deadly side usually comes out when she feels mad or if one of her friends is being hurt. When that side comes out, it changes her entire appearance. She has crimson wings, which some believe she was a fallen angel, others believe that she was born with them. She has eyes that change color depending on how she feels. Occasionally, she gets into a mood where she doesn't say or do anything, just simply stares at a wall for a few hours, sometimes days. Some say she lost something important one day, and that's why she sits silent like that. Sometimes people think she's dead if she feels sick, as her eyes turn grey. She gets very depressed, and will start lashing out if she feels threatened, as she doesn't fear herself not being around anymore, a fact that sometimes worries her friends. She hates drawing attention to herself, and will often times instead of asking something, will instead sit and wait to be told what to do. She gets very upset if someone gets scared by her, and will somtimes to cry if someone gets scared of her. She gets sad if someone mentions where she came from, and will retreat inward, staying quiet, refusing to eat or drink anything for as long as she is quiet. This sometimes results in her getting very thin, and more irritable. She will cooperate with whoever she may be with at the time, which is currently the SCP Foundation, where she is known as SCP-6000. She enjoys having company, especially from friends.