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David is a 6'2" biracial student with dark, shaggy hair and wood brown skin. He typically wears hoodies and tracksuits to avoid bringing unnecessary attention to himself. He also needs glasses to read properly, but rarely ever wears them outside of classes.

David is a rather social person, but stays reclusive due to his worry of being rejected or mocked. To hide this worry, he puts on an intimidating exterior, which sometimes fools even himself to believe that he is a dark person by nature.


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David's mother is a Caucasian woman from the United States and his father is a Pakistani man who moved there looking for a higher education. David has always been an anxious person, and having people occasionally pick on him because of this (even if it is few and far between recently) has made him prefer his own company.

Much like anyone else, David always hated being picked on and felt powerless to stop it. Hence why his sister Melody (elder sister by two years) always stepped in to stop it. Because of this he holds her close to him and gets angry when anything troubles or threatens her.


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  • Melody Lucman (Sister)

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Effect Field Projection - David can create an area (no larger than 2^3m) wherein he has absolute control. This area must also be within 2 metres of him or it will lose effect. Furthermore, the shape of often limited to a sphere or a cube for long periods of time, as more complex shapes are difficult to maintain.

Effect Field Permanence - David can cause the effects of the effect field to become permanent, however this is incredibly draining and becomes moreso the larger the task (e.g. changing the entire field may cause David to be bedridden for a fortnight, while fixing a papercut might only result in mild fatigue and a minor migraine. -