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Daari Sariim is the Knight of Moon and Blood. He wears thin, silver armour with red accents lining it. He has a constant expression that looks like he's both bored and angry at the same time. He has a short, dark stubble and short grey hair that's been shoddily cut at the ends.

Daari tends not to show emotion unless something in specific strikes him as necessary, for example a particular funny joke may get a chortle out of him; or someone dying MIGHT get cause a tear or two from him.


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Daari Sariim's Knighthood Trial was when he left to explore a forest with a few supplies, he camped near the edge of a cliff which collapsed underneath him. His supplies were left at the top of the cliff and Daari was knocked out stone cold. He woke up a while later in a cave with lycanthropes. Most of his equipment was rendered useless by either the lycanthropes clawing at it or it was bent from the fall. He spent 12 years scavenging and surviving in the colossal forest until he found his was out and returned to his home, which he'd been longing for since he left.


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  • Lycanthropes, wolves, and anything similar. Even domestic cats.


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Knight of Moon - Daari was granted partial power over the moon's power and cosmic energy after his Trial.

Knight of Blood - Daari earned the power of blood manipulation by resisting the many injuries and infections from lycanthropes during his Trial.

Lycanthropic Blood Transfusion - During his Trial, Daari suffered many injuries and wounds from the wolf-like creatures inhabiting the forest. He isn't a werewolf, but he can control what little transformation he can do.


Strengths Edit

Lycanthropic Resistance - Just like someone who gets a cold often, Darri's blood has grown an immunity to most side effects of lycanthropy. He's also less likely to start bleeding and heals from injuries much quicker.

Voodoo Toying - Daari can bend the blood of his enemies/victims and force them to do things they wouldn't want to do.


Weaknesses Edit

Sensitive Vision - Daari works better  in the dark; his vision is clearer, his actions are more deliberate and precise, and he's altogether more effective at fighting. During the day while the sun's out, not so much.

Fear of Animals - Most animals, even domestic ones, can put Daari on edge if they come near him.


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Daari has one of the rarest and most powerful forms of consciousness available due to his World's Knighthood; it's hard to break and repairs quickly.

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