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Description Edit

Corey is a 5'7" tall caucasian male with dark brown hair and grey eyes. He usually wears a wrinkled grey tee shirt and a baggy oair of jeans along with some sneakers. He carries his "superhero" costume in a kid's size backpack and consists of a blue morphsuit that he modified slightly. Which is to say he put on spiked bracelets and a little bit of padding on the inside.

Corey always manages to get himself into situations he shouldn't be because he chases down any opportunity he gets to be a hero. He doesn't intend on hurting anyone in the process but accidents do happen.

Backstory Edit

Growing up in a rural farm in Georgia, Corey was homeschooled and rarely went to urban places. On the few times he did go though, Corey always went to see something in the cinema. The sounds and effects absolutely engrossed him in what he was watching which was almost always a superhero movie. He moved to a more urban area when he got older in a house shared between three people (himself included) and got a job working at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

What Corey doesn't know is that soon after he left his father fell into a slurry pit, drowning in the process. This led his mother to critical depression and ended up drinking herself into a coma for a week. But she was only found two weeks after she slipped into it. Needless to say, she did not survive.

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  • Kaosu
  • Laurens

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Telekinesis - Corey has the ability to move objects/matter with their mind.

Force Weapons - Corey has the ability to make weapons of pure force appear temporarily at will. These don't do any physical damage but merely push both the person hit and Corey himself. They are also usually invisible or at most have a transparent purple outline.


Strengths Edit

Confusion - Corey has an uncanny ability to confuse the everloving hell out of people, and can easily use this to his advantage while everyone else is stood around trying to comprehend what just happened.


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