What is it? Edit

Consciousness is a force of will to live that surrounds the residents of Dralkion to protect them during fights. It is mostly exclusive to Dralkionic residents because it runs in the blood of all the races there. However it must be brought out through quick chants and a few specific drinks. They are usually performed when the child is old enough to recite from paper.

Consciousness will only activate when the person is full of adrenaline so it will protect in any fight.

Consciousness' may be useful; but can be broken with enough effort and different varieties of consciousness will break at different thresholds. Consciousness' tend to correlate with how strong and fast the person is.

Types Edit

There are three main types of consciousness; heavy, normal and light. In a way they are similar to shields that require no effort to wield and surround the body. All consciousness' are unique to the person wielding them, and these are only categorisations of the most basic definitions of them.


Light Consciousness Edit

Light Consciousness' are for those who aren't strong physically. They are useful for people who don't plan to get hit often in battle and allow for mistakes to be made and a few hits here and there. They break really easily however regenerate faster than normal and heavy.


Normal Consciousness Edit

Normal Consciousness' are useful for people who aren't weak, but not necessarily ripped. Sort of a sword-and-shield kind of build. They're versatile and a good fit for most people. They're reliable in strength and regenerate at a decent rate.


Heavy Consciousness Edit

Finally, heavy Consciousness' are for the strongest people who are most likely decked out in heavy armour with large weapons. These types of consciousness are incredibly hard to break, especially with a small and weak weapon, however regenerate at a very slow speed. Sometimes not even repairing until the person sleeps for an hour.