These are Cat Hunter's characters

Cat Hunter (Tiffany Edit

Cat Hunter is a skilled Hunter, she uses her sharp metal claws to slash at people or cut up meat, Cat Hunter lives with her husband cornilious (however you spell it but it's forge's character so go check that out!) Cat Hunter has three children, Ann, Steve her adopted son, and Herobrine, Cat Hunter's real name is Tiffany and she's 29, she started working for slender when she was 16, and ended when corn killed him, Ann is actually Masky's child, not corn's but sssshhh, Tiffany now works as a singer, she hasn't told corn yet but maybe she will in the future, Tiffy has adopted parents, since they were the only ones who would take her, she has told them that she had a normal family, Cat Hunter wears a paper Cat Mask, and a bright blue eyes, short brown hair, and wears a coat,a blue shirt under and ripped jeans and sneakers. Her favourite thing is watching Horror movies and killing People

Masky (Tim) Edit

Masky is from the marble hornets but he is also Slender's proxy, he lost his wife when she left him for someone better, Masky's real name is Tim, he makes people go insane or attacks them with a pipe, he does not know about Ann but he still has feelings for Tiffany, Masky's parents died many years ago, he's 27 but started working for slender at the age of 18, he tells people "he's a liar" but also puts up papers on trees, Masky is also one of my fav proxies *33*, I love him dearly and I hope he has a great future ^.^ also, here's the page of him from the slender wiki ;3