Calvin_ThompsonFBI has a various amount of characters that increasingly expand as the story progresses.

Calvin Thompson Edit

Calvin is a 25 year old Senior Agent of the FBI and is skilled in weapon accuracy and range. He was recently wed to Peggy Rockford. Calvin does not have godly parents or a special ability in any way, but he has the best surgeons in the world.

Peggy Rockford Edit

Peggy is 24 and is the director of the FBI, Peggy is very rich, is a descendant to the founder of Rockford Hills and has a special set of skills for pistols.

Phil Mitchell Edit

Phil Mitchell is an ex-FBI agent. He was a traitor to the FBI because of his irrational emotions over the loss of his recently divorced and re-married wife, Peggy Rockford. Phil has been attempting for years to get his revenge on Calvin. After Phil was fired, he resorted in drug dealing and robberies. His accomplice will be announced in the near future.

Harry Callahan Edit

Harry Callahan is an owner of many popular hotels and bars across L.A. He is a highly successful man with high enthusiasm for the FBI and wants to succeed. He is a highly respected agent and has proven to be very reliable in the field.

Luke Black Edit

An ex-criminal, born in the west coast of L.A, a once street hustler and mugger, was viewed by agents Peggy Rockford and Calvin Thompson, were impressed with his accuracy and ability to stay cool under pressure. They approached him to offer him a job. Wanting a better life, he accepted and is now a secret agent in the field. Clumsy and unprofessional at times, he still gets the job done.

John Christy Edit

John Christy was the fourth enlisted in the Bureau. He has been tested on many occasions for anger issues and all returned positive. Alas, Calvin and Peggy assigned him as a field agent, they were caught to his attention for his use of creative methods of interrogation and completion of objectives.