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Brian is the eldest of two children borne to the hunters Leah and Jeremy Clarke. He was born 6 years before his little sister, Amy Clarke. In those 6 years he wasn't treated like a young child should be treated. He was taught to use a weapon as soon as he could walk. Starting with knives and moving onto guns. When he was 6 his parents let him go off and do his own thing, not really caring about his safety. But he never went far. He never trusted his parents to be alone with his newborn baby sister.




Brian is a rather stubborn and headstrong person. He never really believes anything that cannot be proved completely. His opinions are always very strong, but has little opinions on matters that are not directly impacting him or his family.

Once Brian's mind is made up on a subject it is very difficult to change his mind. Although, he doesn't make his mind up until he believes he has heard everything he needs to. He likes remaining unbiased in all situations, as much as physically possible.

He is a caring person when it comes to his family. He looks after his family, then himself, but anyone else he doesn't care for at all. If anything happens to a stranger around him he wouldn't really care. He would watch a child get hit by a car and just walk on. Other people would care. Why would he need to? The only times he gets involved is if it impacts him or his sister or nephew.