• Timidgoliath05niner

    Firstly, what's new, secondly, what's been changed since I was gone?

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  • TheUnrealPanda

    Hey, Remember this kid? Well... What the fuck happened to me?

    If you don't know me I was a big RPer on this wiki, I've haven't used wiki for talking to others or RPing in like... 9 or 10 months, I just to used these past months reading and trying to actually find a good creepypasta (some of them are shit nowadays) or trying to find a bobblehead in fallout 3. So yes... I have stopped RPing and ive gotten.... More dark in humor too, now watching Filthy Frank or gone on ifunny to look for very dark posts, Anyway... Every month or so I'll pop in to see what's what.

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  • Timidgoliath05niner

    >TFW you just discovered this community again, and it's inactive

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  • Kyrojro

    Help us Revive Wikis

    March 4, 2016 by Kyrojro

    -insert some sad song- Every year a wiki is forgotten and people like me haft to wait for it to be active everyday. With one visit a day you can change the lives of people like me, simply a chat stalker, and let us all revive wikis like this just call 1800freethewikis and we'll send you a free body pillow and a Kyrojro plushie, call now so we can no longer wait for one to come on also if you need someone active I can say something awkward.. That kinda works...

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  • Planet Ninja

    I'm Sorry

    February 3, 2016 by Planet Ninja

    Sorry if I did any trouble.. I'm very new and I always get into trouble people seem just to hate me when I don't know what I'm typing half of the time.. I can just go if you guys want,let you guys be happy since I'm not the best at making someone that... Or even making myself, I'm not an alt or anything, just a new account learning from what her cousin told her... But if it makes anyone happy I can just go and probably cause more trouble somewhere else..

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  • Nightmarez Bonniez

    Bad News

    February 1, 2016 by Nightmarez Bonniez

    Sadly I have a dark secret to tell you all...I have a heart condition.. But don't worry that much the doctors said I'm doing better but that's not the bad news..umm..Riley is in the hospital, she hit her fhe ad against a mirror I'm hoping your all doing okay and being well

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  • Annie and Bella

    I know I made this after but yay it's 2016!. I also got some great news my iPad is now fixed so I'll be going on more :3 hope you all had a great New Years! :D

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  • Viktor the Puppet

    Mery Christmas, Happy Yule, whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, have fun! I hope that in the coming year that it'll be more fun than this year.

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  • TheUnrealPanda


    December 21, 2015 by TheUnrealPanda

    Very off topic question but would anybody like to join my clan in clash if clans? It's TheUnrealPanda and my accounts are GABEN THE PANDA and meat

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  • Human Shadow Freddy

    Oki made a little blog about chat mods are not very...idk a word for it but im not pointing fingers but some mods take shit from regular users and aren't doing anyhing so if your gonna pick a mod or admin make sure a right i said before im not pointing fingers,just a heads up

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  • Magic Sandwich

    excuse my absent

    October 8, 2015 by Magic Sandwich

    hey guys!, sorry i haven't been on for a while, it's a long story.... first of all i had to go to my sister's funerel (not enda) second of all i broke my arm during the week (sucks to be me) and third of all, my dad took away my laptop (this is shorter then my rp character page ._.)

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  • Cat Hunter

    Ok.. Wtf is happening here

    September 6, 2015 by Cat Hunter

    I've seen so many suicide commits on this wiki, now I'm not trying to be rude but why?!!!, if you're gonna feel like killing yourself then talk about it PM!, and if you don't then I'm very happy that you thought twice,We all love you and care about you, were all friends here (I hope), no need to think were all bad people, I've seen about 2 suicide blogs, other one is from Magic Sandwich talking about suicide, Now, If y'all can just be happy and put down you're guns,ropes and knives, and make this wiki a happy place not place to talk about killing yourself, thank you

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  • ZalgoZee

    A sort of farewell

    September 6, 2015 by ZalgoZee

    So today my lifetime dream was broken, my heart is shatterd, since I don't wanna die really soon I'll be forever living on the ,I may come rarely, but if you want to talk to me..then go ahead, I'll be now there

    Since dearly Haley Grace Jackson

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  • TheUnrealPanda

    Ayy guys! I'm probably not going to be on chat tomorrow, I'm heading to Duluth to visit family (I live in Minnesota if ya don't know). although I might come back in the Evening I just want to give you guys a heads up so you guys don't freak out

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  • TheUnrealPanda


    August 18, 2015 by TheUnrealPanda

    Ayy! It's me! I created this blog post for anybody who has questions to ask me! You can ask me anything! about Steve, a little about myself, (not too personal) or just how my day was!

    Ask away!

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  • GJ Fredbear

    Important news

    August 4, 2015 by GJ Fredbear

    Good evening, guys. On Thursday, my mother and I are moving her stuff to the new school that she's going to work before when school starts. It is going to be a big day. When this job has completed, I'll be back on chat around the afternoon.

    Catch you guys later!

    And see you later, Alexy~

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  • PanPanX

    PanPanX's RP characters

    July 23, 2015 by PanPanX

    Red Rum is a professional killer, she's been around for fives years, she's been studying everyone in e city, she knows where they're room, what they're job is, and they're family, Red Rum is named this because it's spelt backwards, She use to have a son named "Eon" but he died after birth, now Red Rum lurks the city, looking for new victims, and prey, her Attacks are "Sneak attack" where she jumps down from the ceiling and tackles the prey, "neck snap" where she sneakily goes behind the prey and snaps they're neck!, Red Rum's real name is "Kimber Northwest", she carried a Bowie knife, katana, and maaaybe a gun or two, her most tragic accident is when she killed a man named "Jerry Northwest" aka her husband, he was cheating on Red Rum with …

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  • TerribleBlackRoses

    So..I have some news, when I was on the Fnaf RP chat, a girl by the name, "Freddyfazbearfan" or whatever, started to make me feel lonely, She broke my heart,my soul, and my comfort on going to that wiki again, So tomorrow I'll be using my pistol for one thing, putting it in my mouth and pulling the trigger!, I know this must not be Important to anyone but.. I guess today is my last day being alive, if there's anything you want to say to me, or of anything to me, feel free to either write on my message wall or comments on the blog post, I'll be on the chat for a while, Goodbye The Golden RP chat and fellow nice people


    Rose Annabeth McGee

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  • GJ Fredbear

    The poem

    July 5, 2015 by GJ Fredbear

    Hope you guys like it. This love poem is for me and Alexy~

    Cats are playful,

    Roses are gorgeous,

    Happiness never dies,

    She is as bright as the shining sun,

    Her eyes are as beautiful as the moon from the ocean,

    The minute I met her,

    I loved my Alexy, my forever love, so much,

    That all days shall be sunny,

    All days shall be Spring,

    And our lives will be perfect and happily,

    Forever, ever, and ever~

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  • Pearl Boy

    my personal song

    July 3, 2015 by Pearl Boy

    we..are king amber's gems

    we'll always kidnap somebody

    Steven: and if you think we can't!

    we'll slit you're throat anyway

    that is for the people in they're dumb world

    will slave to..


    Cat's eye

    And Pearl boy..

    Steven: and steven!

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  • Skorges

    Hello Fellow Wiki

    June 30, 2015 by Skorges

    Greetings, I am Skorges, I've been searching every rp wiki to go on so..i'll be staying here for a couple of days, I hope to rp with you guys sometime

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  • Lace The Hunter

    for the past days, I was starting to think I was jerk, at first I thought it was normal to get angry but then I just...couldn't takt it anymore, I feel sorry if I ever yelled at you...this is my goodbye blog..i'll see you guys probably never... I may see myth since I roam the Riordan wiki..but..whatever...

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  • Night Of Stars

    Stars Looks Like a 13 year old kid with black, messy Hair, Though He is actually 16. Stars Is about 5'9 and always wears Darker Colors, Except for orange. He like Orange. He also hates wearing jeans with a passion. He would rather wear dress pants or jogging pants. His eyes are two different colors, His left eye is pitch-black, and his right eye is orange, but it shifts between a cat-eye and a human eye. On his neck, There is a metal Collar with The Omega Symbol on it, and the color is black and orange, But this collar is cloaked most of the time and is never visable. He does have wings, angel wings that are also black, with white speckles to make it look like a Sky full of Stars. He mostly wears long sleeve shirts and always wears a scarf…

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  • HugeClockTowerFan


    June 22, 2015 by HugeClockTowerFan

    Yo. Tyler here. So I'm deciding to take sort of a break for awhile.

    I have... stuff going on. It's hard to explain. If I'm ever on chat, you can ask me in a PM.

    I'll still be on, just not too much. I wish all of you the best of luck. Stay safe and if you need to get ahold of me, leave me a message on my wall or on Skype, which is live:behrtyler.

    I'll remember you all in my (sort of) absence.

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  • ONAFSY everyone who's been texting me been saying "you should kill yourself" and "Go die in hell you freak" and..I can"t really ignore it, I know I've been left out in RPs a lot..but...I guess you might not be seeing my tommorow, one, I may be dead, or two, in the hospital

    ONAFSY- see you on Monday!

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    ONAFSY'S RP characters

    June 19, 2015 by ONAFSY

    Ghosty is normally quiet around others and can be bit of a jerk at times, he's 14 and doesn't fall in love quickly, Ghosty is searching for one thing, his sister. Noah. Ghosty's real name is Neo and his last name is Ferraro, he's also a member of the omegas,Ghosty is a nickname for him, the full name is Ghostface, Ghosty can be VERY insane if he wants to be, he Also cares a lot about his team and will help them if needed to, he use to have a crush on Louie but he moved onto a different girl named "autumn" who has saved him 2 times, Ghosty enjoys a couple of things like, cats,pizza,por- popcorn!, and Movies

    soul was once a real human but he died in a tragic car crash when he was 16, Soul uses magic like ,dark magic, light magic, and fairy ma…

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  • Timidgoliath05niner

    So, at 2 AM IN THE FRIKIN MORNING, here I am checking for anything that may have been vandalized, and I saw nothing. BUT, if something does happen to show up, please tell me. I seem to have sparked up a random curiosity to do my job, so that's what I did. Ok, it's 2 AM, I gotta go to sleep before I go insane

    Doing my Job,


    P.S: I have no idea why I'm writing this. I guess it's just a combination of my brain going numb and a status que.

    P.S.S: I am going to a racing event tommorow, So do not expect me to be on the chat. Thank you for understandin…

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  • Splatterflame


    May 30, 2015 by Splatterflame

    I designed a wordmark for da wiki :)

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  • HugeClockTowerFan

    They say curiosity killed the cat. Well, it looks like it's time for me to slaughter the kitty. I want honest opinions about me here. I don't care what others think, but as I said, I'm just curious to know your thoughts about me. If it's nice stuff, then go ahead, say it. If you want to put me on a hitlist, tell me that as well. I just want honest opinions is all. Thank you in advance.

    Care to you all, Tyler Behr

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  • PanPanX

    May 26, 2015 by PanPanX
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  • PanPanX

    Hi..I'm PanPanX, my real name is's just a photo of me..

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  • Withered Death


    • Alex Finucane 
    • AliceTheNekoOn a lunch break.
    • BB The Enragement Child 
    • BenTheDrowned 
    • Bonnie The King Bunny 
    • Constable Huxley the Horse 
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    • Crimson HuntressOn a lunch break.
    • FFoxyThePirateFoxOn a lunch break.
    • Foxy the PirateOn a lunch break.
    • FriendMeSebOn a lunch break.
    • GforGolden 
    • Green Creeper 
    • HellFireDarkHound 
    • Homura-chanOn a lunch break.
    • Ijones72On a lunch break.
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    • Jillips EntertainmentOn a lunch break.
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    • Neoninjaboy320 
    • New BonnieOn a lunch break.
    • Nick the Endoskeleton 
    • PierrotEclipse 
    • Ronwellnagales28 
    • Scott Teleringer The Phone Guy 
    • SonicTheEpic 
    • Spring Freddy (Golden Freddy) 
    • The MTF called ScouterOn a lunch break.
    • TheAquuaHybridOn a lunch break.
    • Vinylre…
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  • Magic Sandwich

    Goodbye guys..

    April 18, 2015 by Magic Sandwich

    hey guys..i have some bad news... my mother is blocking me off this wiki if you wish to speak to me or  RP..please go to the Magical Rp wiki....sooo..yeah link to it is in the comments 

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  • Magic Sandwich

    Paperdoll is a cat-like creature with many unknown secrets, like how it was made, some would say it use piece of paper until a person came around and used a ouija board on it, others would say it was once a girl who loved making paperdolls and a person with a black cloak cursed her and she is now locked in Containment, Paperdol tries to escape once and a while but she is very dangerous, if someone were would walk up to her,she'd tackle it and try ti rip there face off or try to turn it into paper (wat?) that is all...

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  • Magic Sandwich

    this is an improtent message to everyone!, i know its been hard for you, and life have been sucky and say you are useless and dumb, but...i am here to tell you, that... you are useful your not dumb or stupid, you just need to realize who you are if someone you use to love just...left you, its gonna be ok.. you'll find someone much much better. and for the ones who are killing themselves by always have someone..and that someone is everyone, so not end it and please stay alive,...this is a message from  Magic Sandwich and i'm always there for you..

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  • Magic Sandwich

    My RP characters

    February 25, 2015 by Magic Sandwich

    Hi I'm MC and here are my RP characters :T

    1: Toby, Toby is a kind hearted guy but when someone pisses him off you better run, besides him being a proxy and a MTF he has a crush on a girl named Ozzie and is hoping he can give his love for her and has a daughter with no name

    2: Hunter, Hunter is not very kind he's normally a perve looking at a lot of peoples wives but he dose have a adopted daughter name suki who is only 5 years old and was found in a FedEx box he is also a MTF. and can change his gender anytime he wants to

    3:Meeko, Meeko is a medic/robot creator he/she created two robots,seera and 2.3,but she's/he's calm most of the time and has a Deep deep secret that no one knows and has a secret gender THAT no one knows and is a MTF


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