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Backstory Edit

Azurotis used to be a good guy, Before his family ended up falling into poverty, sacrificing his job to steal valuable items to sell on the back market to keep him family afloat, He seems to have gotten there but he can't stop. When he was born his family seemed okay financially compared to most Hollequet in the region, until his mother kept falling ill, and having to try to afford the medicine.

Azurotis is a member of the Hollequet Species, Essentially a domain of cat like humanoids, almost anthro but not that close.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Azurotis likes to wear ornate and thin clothing, to keep arid, his fur is very smooth and he has a fairly thick tail compared to most of his kind, his body looks to be fairly agile as well.

Personality Edit

Azurotis seems to have a fairly calm personality, Dispite having the hots for stealing. He often helps out with calming distressed people and tries to keep his cool at the most aggravating times.

Powers Edit

Strengths Edit

Agile, Hard to hit, Fairly emotionally stable.

Weaknesses Edit

He has no true "Powers", Thin clothing is not good protection at all, And he gets him into a lot of trouble with his habits.

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