AzazelScapegoat's Rp Characters Edit


1. Azazel (normal me) A tall pale, white haired being usually friendly unless provoked. Is skinny and can be lift easily but has an entire skeletal system made of steel.


2. H3RL-E (The Trebuchet Terror of the 7 Dried up seas) A very large loader with an explosive barrel trebuchet on its back, 2 large Hyperion cannons on the arms and 2 smaller ones on the undercarriage. He works on the same basis as Saturn, he has gained self awareness and will attempt to become the companion when he no longer has a master.


3.Saturn (The Dreadnought of Hyperion ((formally)) He used to be the Mainstay of every Hyperion raid, until he gained self-awareness and turned against his creators. Now he is usually kind to others and will be willing to help anyone in need. He is armed with 2 mini nuke catapults one each shoulder, 4 Hyperion high-powered mini-guns on each hand, the Helios laser that takes a while to charge, but when it is ready his cranium open and locks onto all hostiles in his view and a large barrage of light pierces through them. He can call in a barrage of specialized repair surveyors to ram then explode the enemy. He has 4 concealed machine gun that pop out of his lower torso, shoulders and below shoulder that fire eclectic energy shots.

Badass loader

4. Ultimate Badass Loader (This is gonna hurt) The biggest loader made by Hyperion at 10 meters high, is has 6 EXTREEMLY large Hyperion auto-cannons for arms and a large laser in the cranium. He was an Abnormality in production, he gained self awareness and ran off the blood-shot dam during a raid and escaped his creators. He is now a kind robot and only fights against evil or if threatened (but don't if you know what's good for you).

5. Jacob (Greetings) The A.I that used to be stored inside the Ultimate badass loader, he is made of carbonized human flesh, is 6'1 and is tax-deductible. He is completely ghost white with ghost white hair and bright blue eyes. He was broken out of his core by an Assassin. He befriended the assassin.He told her that violence had ruined his life and he no longer wanted to be the ruthless war machine he was. He became a pacifist and never was violent until one day when he was in the park, a crowd gathered around him and they called him a monster. He snapped. The end~!