Here are Annie and Bella's RP characters

Annie Johnson Edit

Annie Johnson is Bella Johnson's twin sister, Annie a bit different then her twin sister, first of all, she's very kind and a scaredy cat, she has White hair instead of blond, and wears a foxy hoodie, Annie fell in love with a mutant Enderman named endro, together they had a son named Sid and a adopted daughter named Dreams, Annie was once controlled by a hooded man but a guy named red killed him, Annie doesn't have a lot of friends but she has Marry!,Annie is currently 21, she was 19 when she met endro but her "creator" aged her up a bit, Annie has a father and a step mother that she both loves dearly

Bella Johnson Edit

Bella is a "hard to get" person, she hates a lot of stuff but she can be nice once you get to know her, Bella is Annie Johnson's twin sister, same, she's VERY different then her, first of all, she's a bit tough, likes to trick, tells lies, and hates anyone if they mistake her for Annie, Bella has a white-ish blond hair and wears a toy Bonnie hoodie, Bella is the same, Exept she hates her step mother, Bella has a pet fox named Flix but she never tells anyone, Bella secretly likes to watch romantic movies

Marry Gallerina Edit

Marry Gallerina is the daughter of a old wizard who fell in love with a witch, Marry is, kind,helpful, hates pizza,and enjoys eating Pasta. marry was in love with the hooded man but got over it after he died, Marry is a pretty good alchemist, she can make anything out of a acid and a horse, Marry is not a fan of FFP but she likes to see withered Freddy..I wonder why :33, Marry's parents died after a bunch of villagers busted into the house and killed them, Marry lives in a little hut inside the forest, Marry enjoys stuff like, Horror movies and action movies!, She has a pet Phoenix named Blazey, Marry use to be a animatronic Repair so she knows how tp fix those things (so much stuff on marry :O)she can also heal cuts and such

Lizzara Migale and Iano ??? Edit

Iano was a run away orphan who never knew his parents while Lizzara was a normal cat after Iano turned 8 he met Lizzara running away from her family and he knew her feelings at first Lizzara was scared of him but got use to him after they begin to do stuff together but one day when Iano was 12 a man walked up to him and gave him a dust hat'll turn animals into humans whenever they want to, so Iano blowed the dust onto Lizzara and she turned into a women Iano now treats Lizzara as his sister since he never had a sibling or even parents so now.. Iano and Lizzara sing on the streets for money But Lizzara died in a tragic car hit or whatever

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