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Aiukthethlas is rarely ever seen in his natural form, most often taking the shape of whatever scary thing comes to mind. His original form is a twisted, Cthulhu-esque monster melded with a variety of robotic parts.

Aiukthethlas doesn't often talk to people without good reason, as he tends to stay rather isolated. He enjoys scaring those who enter his home out of it, harming or even killing if necessary. -

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Aiukthethlas was an accidental creation, originally created as a simple robot designed to perform very minor tasks around a local university's research laboratory. One day, a student went to examine what appeared to be a tome they came across on a field trip without permission. They used Aiukthethlas (back then simply called ALAN as he was a small robot) to turn the pages slowly in order to prevent it from falling further into disrepair. As the first few pages turned, a dark magic filled the room and cursed the room, causing the student to disappear and granting Aiukthethlas sentience and elder wisdom. Since then, that building has been sealed off and Aiukthethlas has escaped to roam as he pleases.


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Eldritch Machine Physiology - Aiukthethlas is both machine and Eldritch entity, gaining strengths and weaknesses from both of these, such as having no blood like a machine.

Eldritch Soul - Aiukthethlas has an Eldritch Soul, forcing people to feel fear or madness around him. People with strong minds or willpower may only feel a feeling of paranoia.

Alien Mind - Aiukthethlas' mind is so alien that it is incompatible with the way other minds work, making him immune to psychic or telepathic abilities.

Dimensional Link - Aiukthethlas gathers energy from alternate, twisted dimensions and will need to gather this energy at least once every two days.

Shapeshifting - Aiukthethlas can change his form at will.

Insanity Projection - Auikthethlas alters reality around him by projecting his own madness into reality.

Fear & Insanity Inducement - Aiukthethlas can force others to feel fear at any time he pleases after even meeting them once. However, he is only able to make them go insane if he has been in the same area as them for about a day and a half (can change depending on how strong another's mind is).

Fanaticism Inducement - Aiukthethlas is able to convince others that he is an Eldritch deity after being around a day of being in the same area.