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Addam Kierek is the Fool of Time and often wears a tight red jesters outfit with rose gold accents, with his peach hair stuck in a state that looks like it's being blown by a really strong gust of wind. He also wears a thin rose gold tiara with a small blood red gem as the centerpiece.

Addam tends to be unpredictable, jumping through time and being completely unaffected by it's impact would tend to give you a sense of whimsy and free will. He's smart but definitely doesn't act it and instead comes across as light headed.

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Addam Kierek​ is the human name of the Fool of Time, one third of an ninth dimensional being that travelled to the third dimension. The other two parts, Usnavii Kierek, Keeper of Space; and Gerakki Kierek, Dancer of Force followed in pursuit of him.

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  • Keeper of Space
  • Dancer or Force

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Chronokinesis - Addam can bend time itself to his will.


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Foresight - Addam can use time travel to detect exactly what will happen at any given time. He tends not to do this, because that way it's more fun.

Time Cloning - Addam can bring himself from the future -- or the past -- to fight alongside him.


Weaknesses Edit

Mental Degradation - Addam's mental state has slowly deteriorated since he broke apart from his brothers and may not realise everything that can be used against him.

Jester's Foolishness - Addam prefers to act the fool in many instances and will perform acts incorrectly and mess up if he thinks he can get a laugh from it.

Paradox - Addam may bring himself away from a fight in a different time in order to fight in the current(?) one which could lead to him losing companions in the midst of battle.